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By Tasho Tashev eSports 26 Apr 2018 68 views

After the Dutch government struck at loot boxes, more were sure to follow. Belgium seems to be next up, namely the Belgian Gaming Commission.

A handful of titles, FIFA 18, CS:GO, Overwatch and Star Wars Battlefront 2, were looked at and only the latter wasn’t found to be in violation of the Belgian gaming law. This was due to the fact that EA, following a backlash from the community was in a way forced to rework their system and no loot boxes were found during the time of the investigation. Who knew that would save them from a potential attack from the government.

As for the other three games, all of them included an element of random chance that qualified them as gambling in the word of the law. For now, their fate remains uncertain, but if the loot boxes aren’t removed the publishers might have to pay a fine of €800,000 and face a sentence of up to five years in prison. Belgium’s Minister of Justice, Koen Geens, has expressed his concern for the youth and mixing games with gambling, providing no protection for the players. Further, he called for dialogue with game developers, publishers and The Gaming Commission. In fact, it was Geens who asked the Commission to conduct the investigation in the first place. So, what happens next will be determined when the discussion between the two sides starts.

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