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By Nikola Petrov Hearthstone 24 Apr 2018 141 views

We heard about the new Hearthstone solo mode with the announcement of the Witchwood, but now we know all the specifics.

Hearthston’s ‘entire Mission team’, Dave Kosak and Paul Nguyen took to YouTube to explain everything we need to know about the successor of the vastly popular Dungeon runs introduced in the previous expansion.

As expected, the formula isn’t changing much. It’s going to work the same way Kobolds & Catacombs’ solo missions work. You start with basic collection of cards and draw a monster to fight from an enemy pile. Every monster you defeat gives you the chance to draft powerful spells & weapons, or collections of cards by archetype to add to your deck. With every completed step your deck and Health total improve, but so do the monsters. Just like last time, if you defeat the final bosses with all characters, you will unlock a special card backs. It is appropriately hunt-themed – with claw marks and rifle shells.

However, this time there is a slight twist on the formula. While previously you would go crawling the dungeons as one of Hearthstone’s main nine characters, this time you will roam the Blackwald forest in the shoes of one of the four specifically designed characters for the job.

They are all Heroes native to Gilneas and come with the flavour and feel of the set. This is a very nice implementation, as it shows the developers’ intent to put more narrative in Hearthstone and, while remaining deeply rooted in the Warcraft universe, built its own set of characters and stories.

Hearthstone has always been a collection of Warcraft characters, places and concepts, mixed with original designs and wacky creations. The Witchwood is making a step further, and that’s refreshing to see.

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