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By Stoyan Todorov CS:GO 18 Apr 2018 43 views

The BLAST Pro Series is returning to Copenhagen later in 2018, an official announcement by the competition’s owner RFRSH Entertainment came on 18 April. The tournament organiser has signed a broadcast deal with Danish TV 2.

The prize pool for the event stands at $250,000. Its 2017 iteration had large viewership both on cable TV and online, and RFRSH Entertainment seem ready to improve on that record.

The BLAST Pro Series will unfold in four events, of which two, including the one taking place in Denmark, have been confirmed. The competition will field six teams against one another and takes a single day to conclude.

The first event to be shown by TV 2 will take place in Istanbul on 23 June. In November, the action will move to the Royal Arena in Copenhagen. However, two more venues will be announced in the time leading to the Danish pow-wow.  

Meanwhile, Astralis are already signed up as one of the six contenders in the competition in Copenhagen, with five more teams pending.

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