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By Nikola Petrov Hearthstone 20 Apr 2018 285 views

The card-flinging battle of the nations in coming very soon and we need to prepare for the voting process.

A total of 48 teams with four members each are eligible to join the competition. They will be determined like so:

  • Season 1 Hearthstone Competitive Points is what determines eligibility
  • Each country or region’s top point earner will automatically lead the team, unless they decline.
  • The next eight top point earners will get a chance to make it to the final four
  • Every player who declines gives away their spot to the next eligible one

The first phase of the competition will be a Swiss bracket with all 48 teams. It will run from 14 July to 6 September. In the end the bracket will narrow down to 16 teams.

Phase two is a Dual Tournament format taking place between 18 and 27 September. The top 8 teams will qualify for the playoffs.

The playoffs themselves will be played during BlizzCon 2018, 2-3 November.

The full schedule for the games is available on the Hearthstone website. So are the comprehensive tournament rules.

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