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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 14 Apr 2018 31 views

Marketing research firm NewZoo has launched the Game Streaming Tracker, a platform intended to help users track live data from streaming platforms Twitch and YouTube Gaming. By parsing data from hundreds of influencers, users may select pertinent data and tailor it to their own needs.

The platform will facilitate tracking of key metrics used in monthly reports, such as number of hours watched, the amount a certain game has accumulated in terms of broadcast time, and how many people tune in to watch on average. True to NewZoo spirit, the platform will offer comprehensive specifics, including a further breakdown of all products by platform.

The service will focus on eSports and traditional titles in equal measures. Products listed on the platform will be categorised by publisher and genre, and eSports will be separated. NewZoo will use machine learning to differentiate between personal streamers and eSports broadcasters.

Companies may trawl data with the help of an intuitive tableau and use the information to sieve through the influencers they would like to collaborate with. The tool will also come nifty to content creators who want to see how their channel’s viewership is affected as a result of their latest videos.

According to NewZoo senior market analyst Jurre Pannekee, game publishers will need to work on a more inclusive approach for their fans by using video content and streams to involve their communities.

He continued that video streaming platforms are becoming increasingly important in helping gamers and non-gamers connect with like-minded individuals or/and watch high quality eSports content.


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