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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 16 Apr 2018 36 views

Football Club Manchester City has signed up with Korean gaming company Nexon. Nexon has worked alongside Electronic Arts to create a free-to-play FIFA Online medium where South Korean fans can satiate their love for football.

Manchester City will use this opportunity to expand its presence in the virtual world of football and to create pertinent content for FIFA Online 4. The football club is committed to advancing further in the eSports segment and intends to appoint its official FIFA Online 4 ambassador to promote and represent the team during the upcoming FIFA Online 4 tournaments. The event will offer a chance to South Korean pros to take part.

City Football Group Senior Vice President Damian Willoughby has expressed his content with tying up a partnership and being part of the ‘immersive experience’ that Nexon strives to provide to ‘a global audience.’

Willoughby continued to elaborate on the partnership by citing Nexon’s leadership position in Asia as a provider of free-to-play games. He also noted that the club is looking to interact with online gamers who play FIFA and improving upon the existing content by creating more of it and improve the ‘in-game experiences.’

Meanwhile, Nexon CEO Jeonghun Lee shared his delight to be collaborating with one of the best-known teams in the world. Lee expressed his hopes that through the partnership, both the world of online and offline football may benefit.

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