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By Stoyan Todorov Fortnite 15 Apr 2018 98 views

Rapper Drake has said that he would include the battle royale game Fortnite in the lyrics of his next album if Epic Games concedes to introduce a Hotline Bling emoticon. Drake played along with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins who is a Twitch top-rated influencer and Fortnite professional.

Ninja posted the late-night stream on Reddit and suggested that Drake should introduce Fortnite in his albums. Drake responded by saying that he could on the offchance Epic Games, Fortnite developers, agree to put a Hotline Bling emote in the game.

Ninja and Drake have bene playing together on occasion. They reached 600,000 concurrent viewers in a recent stream, which has been the highest number of viewers spectating video games outside the eSports world.

Drake’s love for Fortnite stems from a need to wind down after recording in his studio for hours on end.

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