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By Stoyan Todorov League of Legends 19 Apr 2018 190 views

The newest owner of eSports powerhouse ROX Tigers is insurance company Hanwha Life. ROX Tigers are the League of Legends division of ROX, which will retain its namesake teams in other competitive disciplines, including TEKKEN with ROX Dragons and Vainglory where ROX Armada will continue to vie for supremacy.

The Tigers, henceforth called Hanwha Life Esports will continue their participation in the League of Legends Champions Korea. Hanwha Life’s acquisition is not a chance happening either. The insurance company was amongst the first organisations to invest in ROX Gaming, alongside other names form various industries.

In their address, the eSports team announced that it felt that they had found certain managerial decisions not quite well aligned with their individual pursuits. By joining Hanwha Life, the members of the team feel like they will be offered more opportunities to grow.

Founded in 2018, ROX Tigers performed outstandingly during the 2018 Spring Split, and the team will pursue new summits under the banner of HLE.

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