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By Stoyan Todorov League of Legends 18 Apr 2018 165 views

Payment gateway and gaming platform DreamTeam has decided to expand the list of current titles, presently only CS:GO, with the addition of LoL.

As part of its efforts to bolster the platform and whip up involvement, DreamTeam will be adding more eSports titles in the future. Presently, the game will try to add an equal amount of LoL players to its offer. The next games that are the most likely to be listed are PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and LoL competitor Dota 2.

In its official whitepaper, DreamTeam lists a number of established people in the eSports industry as advisors to the initiative, including ESL CEO Ralf Reichert, Kinguin CGO Kim Rom and Keynote CEO Moe Levin. The project also has ties with eSports powerhouses NAVI and Fnatic.

On the occasion of the announcement, DreamTeam CEO and Founder Alexander Kokhanovskyy commented:

This is great news for the entirety of esports, as we are the first to launch a comprehensive support of League of Legends for everyone. DreamTeam is the first platform in the world to allow teams to directly pay their players’ compensations. From now on, players and team owners can sign contracts by using DreamTeam Test Token, negotiate and set the player’s compensation payout date and amount; eliminating the risk of fraud and non-payment. It’s actually hard to grasp, as 150M LoL gamers will be able to use DreamTeam not only to build a team but as their key payment gateway as well.

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