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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 06 Apr 2018 29 views

Online bookmaker Esports Bets has tried to gauge the potential loss of viewership in the eSports segment by not including electronic sports in the 2024 Paris Olympics. The company selected the 20 most popular competitive titles and ranked them based on the number of people streaming them on Twitch. The survey does not include metrics from alternative platforms, such as Facebook or Amazon.

The top three titles include MOBA games League of Legends and Dota 2 claiming first and third place in the overall ranking, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coming second.  

LoL lead the way with 117,855 available streams, followed by Dota 2 with 52,522. Esports Bets have been quick to explain the seeming disparity in their ranking. They said that even though PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has more streamers than CS:GO, the CS:GO professional scene remains better developed.

Even a comparatively fresh title such as Overwatch sports a larger number of professional players in their ‘top rankings,’ the bookmaker said. The cumulative value of fighting and real-time strategy games brought up the rear with 7,657 and 7,261 streams respectively.

Naturally, battle royale games may have been more eye-catching among viewers on Twitch, with marketing firm NewZoo revealing strong pique in viewership in February. Fortnite is another title worth a mention, which has been omitted in Esports Bets’ survey as the game has yet to debut as a full-blown competitive title.


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