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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 05 Apr 2018 37 views

On 1 May, Esports proponent and news outlet Inven Global will host its annual meeting entitled Inven Global Esports DEEP DIVE, reuniting established names in the eSports industry. This is part of the company’s attempt to bridge the gap between East and West eSports communities and achieve a meaningful dialogue.

The event will take place at the University of California where professional athletes, coaches, high-ranking pro players and investors will all gather to discuss the future of the segment along with tournament hosts.

Inven however will not exclude aspiring pros and fans from the offer. The company has announced reduced rates for its tickets in a press release:

Individual ticket sale:

Student: Regularly $199 — Now $99

Standard: Regularly $499 — Now $199

Premium: Regularly $799 — Now $399

When 4 + tickets are purchased:

Group Student — $59 per person

Group Standard — $149 per person

Group Premium — $349 per person

Inven Global CEO Euideok ‘Vito’ Oh has said that IGEC will change how similar events unfold. Instead of focusing on the business end of things, the conference will adopt an inclusive approach, giving a voice to people who work in the industry every day. Oh hopes that this will set an example for other similar events in the future.

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