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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 17 Apr 2018 138 views

Football Club AS Monaco has expanded its influence in electronic sports by signing up a partnership with video game marketplace Kinguin. As a result, AS Monaco will sport Kinguin’s logo on its jerseys.

AS Monaco brushes with eSports go back to 2016, when the football club signed Nathan ‘Sneaky’ Nayagom to represent the club in FIFA. The club has used its training facilities to better the eSports competitors under its own wing.

According to Kinguin Founder and CEO Viktor Wanli, mainstream sports and their digital counterparts share the same core values and the latest partnership is a proof of that. Wanli expressed his satisfaction with the tie-up and said that through this particular collaboration, eSports may claim more ground in France in particular.

Similar to other mainstream sports organisations and FC Manchester City most recently, AS Monaco is seeking to consolidate its presence in the eSports segment. According to AS Monaco commercial director Juli Ferre Nadal, the team is ‘delighted to welcome Kinguin on board with the AS Monaco eSports project. This partnership consolidates our ambition to become a leading player in the sector and accelerate the growth of our eSports team. The diversification of the AS Monaco brand is a key priority for the future and we intend to continue our development in this area.’

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