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By Tasho Tashev Dota 2 16 Apr 2018 169 views

In a clash between eight, this weekend, OpticGaming managed to come out on top and claim glory and riches. The only North American team to participate in the event, Optic, didn’t disappoint and trampled Team Kinguin as well as the Chinese in the face of VGJ.Thunder. One victory against them in the group stage wasn’t enough to knock them out of the tournament as they came back in the finals, but the Americans stood their ground.

In Match 1 of the finals Peter ‘ppd’ Dager’s squad made the mistake of dragging it for too long versus a Terrorblade. As if TB wasn’t enough, add to that a Razor with Aghanims and Refresher Shard. In the final fight, the Chinese completely ignored the enemy and went straight for objectives, which gave them the 1-0 lead.

In Game 2 Optic seemed to have learned their lesson and even though VGJ had the lead for most of the game, Visage proved to be the most valuable pick, by being almost impossible to take down, while also providing huge amounts of crowd control. Thunder lost a fight, then did a dieback and that cost them everything.

Broodmother was the star hero in the third round as Neta ‘33’ Shapira made so much space for the other two cores. By being the sole focus for the majority of the early to midgame, the rest of the team had all the freedom to get towers and an increasing amount of gold that escalated to a 20 thousand networth difference by the end.

The final game ended in a really unexpected way. Optic acquired the ‘ayy jis’ of the Immortal on Phantom Lancer, who proved to be an ever-growing thorn in VGJ’s side, as they had no direct way of dealing with him, unless a good Static Storm was landed. The Chinese were picked off one by one and had no means to defend their base. ‘GG’ called before even a single lane of barracks had fallen.

OpticGaming won the series with a 3-1. This victory secured them 450 DPC points in total, slightly increasing their chances of making it to The International. Even at second place, VGJ.Thunder still pick up some valuable points too, getting ahead of LGD Gaming. There are still plenty of Majors ahead, but Optic will only have a chance to attend ESL One Birmingham and China Supermajor, as they’ve already failed to qualify for Epicenter XL and MDL Changsha. So at least in theory they can still make it to the top 8 in the DPC ranking.