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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 16 Apr 2018 123 views

The first days of Stage 3 Week 2 showed one-sided games, but those who expected the trend to continue were dead wrong. What followed was nothing but intensity!

Stage three continues and the battle rages on. Here’s our report on the latest developments in Blizzard Arena.

Day 3: 14 April

Los Angeles Valiant 2-1 Dallas Fuel

Make no mistake, Valiant are one of this Stage’s top performing teams, and they are in it to win it. Combine this with Fuels broken morale and inner turmoil and you’ve got recipe for disaster. Well, not if you ask Dallas.
The first game was extremely close and contested, resulting in a 4-4 draw. Burning blue, the Fuel won the second one 3-4, breaking a nail-biting stale-mate with beautiful damage-boosting by Unkoe. Those two teams were equal in every way.
The trading of blows continued with no team taking the lead, and something had to be done. In the 99%-99% Overtime was ticking away, as Agilities unleashed his Dragon Blade and made quick work of the enemy Heroes contesting the objective.
During the fourth battle, the Valiant pressed the offense. Soon managed to take a few hits from Oge’s Winston without dying, thanks to the strong healing by Custa. He kept shooting at the enemy picking key pieces until his team pushed the payload to the final destination. Despite the amazing pushback from the Dallas, the Valiant took the final game and secured the nerve-wracking match.

San Francisco Shock 3-1 Shanghai Dragons

The Dragons were in amazing shape. Ado was slicing and dicing through enemies, and Diya was sniping extremely well. The crowd was louder than ever, and we saw so many passionate fans fly the red colours. This was a really tough match for the Shock. They managed to barely take map 1 from the Chinese rivals. They regained their footing and took the lead 3-0 during map two, but the dragons fought back and turned the score 3-3 and then struck the final blow, winning the map. In the half-time Sinatraa joined the battlefield and started showering Shanghai with bullets. The aggression paid off, and he won his team the map. With Danteh back in the final match, and the amazing Mercy support from Moth, the Shock did overwhelm the Dragons and secured the match. However, this was not an easy victory, as many would have expected. The Dragons are finally spreading their wings. Time will tell if they will finally take to the sky or get shot down again.

Seoul Dynasty 2-3 Los Angeles Gladiators

Wekeed and Fleta are a killer combo. Literally. They jumped up and destroyed the purple team during the first map. However, Fissure and Bischu know how to tank, and that’s what stops aggressive tactics. The Gladiators took map two and three, but didn’t win the fourth one, having to prove themselves in the tiebreak. As the Overtime was going on. Wekeed took to the sky with his Pharah, but wasn’t quick enough. Before the battle was over, time ran out and the hall flashed with the lion logo.

London Spitfire 2-3 Philadelphia Fusion

Philadelphia have the plays and they don’t shy away from displaying their power. London’s first victory in the Stage was sure to boost their confidence, but Fusion made sure to cut their wings before things go out of hand. They won the first two maps and dominated the third, threatening to end the match right there. However, Profit and his gang also had a word in the matter. They snuck up the third victory and evened the score, forcing Philly to cease the celebrations and meet them in the tiebreak map. Eventually, the orange machine regrouped and pushed away the Londoners, but the battle wasn’t nearly as easy as they would have liked to.

Day 4: 15 April

New York Excelsior 3-2 Houston Outlaws

Speaking of hard-fought battles, the Outlaws were not afraid to take on the champions and give them a tough run for their money. With stars like Jake and Linkzr on the offense, they managed to take the first map and almost win the second one, before getting shot down. The cowboys also won the third map, but dropped the fourth, coming to yet another tiebreak. Muma did some impressive work, managing to find and eliminate key NYXL players like Jjonak and Ark, taking complete control over the objective, but during the Overtime things changed dramatically. Though they did the best they could, with amazing healing by Rawkus, the New Yorkers surrounded Houston from all sides and systematically put them down, claiming the objective, the game and the day.

Florida Mayhem 2-3 Boston Uprising

Close, close, close battles! These last few days were simply amazing to watch. All teams played at their finest and all the games were as close as physically possible. Fans were not let down with the last matchup for the week in the slightest.
Boston took not one, but two maps in a row. They showed amazing gameplay and really clicked as a team. Then Sayaplayer drew his six-shot and changed the landscape. With Awesomeguy doing the tanking, they lashed at the Uprising until – you guessed it – the score was tied. With the help of Mistakes’ Sombra, Florida found themselves backdoored and their Zenyatta fell. The second point was taken 99% to 0% and the Uprising congratulated each other for the well-deserved victory.