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By Tasho Tashev eSports 16 Apr 2018 295 views

SAP announced last Tuesday they’ve signed a 3-year contract with everyone’s favourite Team Liquid. It’s only natural that one of the best teams in eSports partners up with arguably the biggest corporate software vendor in the world. The latter are also behind F1’s team McLaren. The sponsorship with Liquid is the first collaboration with a professional eSports organisation.

SAP is a German giant that develops software used by many businesses worldwide and ads like ‘75% of the beer made is in some way powered by SAP’ are actually true, it’s what keeps supply and operation going smooth for a lot of big companies. Along with their main product which is enterprise application software that allows for multiple tasks simultaneously, they have also developed their own programming language called ABAP. You could say SAP is everywhere in the business world and now it’s expanding into eSports. ‘For SAP, eSports opens us up to a tech-savvy and highly skilled young audience and potential new talent for SAP. As a global, innovative and forward-looking technology company, SAP provides a high brand fit to the eSports ecosystem,’ SAP chief human resources officer Stefan Ries said. Along with that there’s always the potential for new customers, since a lot of organisations related to the competitive scene might use one of SAP’s applications.

It’s ironic that SAP provide a worldwide service, but a lot of people have never heard of them, so with this move they could gain more exposure and tap into yet unexplored markets. So, they’re helping Team Liquid with not only the sponsorship, but also providing them with years of experience in technical expertise. In an interview about the contract Team Liquid co-CEO Victor Goossens mentioned that there is a high demand for meaningful data and analytics software in eSports. SAP is now here to provide just that. They’ll support the team with cutting edge technology that will improve their overall performance during training and competition by tracking statistics and through that SAP will be trying to establish themselves as a player in the e-sports community. An unusual partnership for some, but it only makes sense objectively, we can only wait and see what the upcoming three years have in store.