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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 13 Apr 2018 253 views

The Uprising quickly take the place as this Stage’s rising stars. They scored their third victory, stealing the thunder from the reigning champions.

Boston Uprising 3-2 New York Excelsior

The Uprising dashed in head first, displaying extremely aggressive play style, especially when it came to the Tracer fire by Nam-joo ‘Striker’ Kwon. Things got messy in the second game, with intense team fights. Jjonak put his trade mark killer Zenyatta to good use, and Meko’s D.Va danced around the enemies without breaking the tight team composition. The effort payed off, and NYXL won the second map. Map three was a mirror reflection, with tight formation by the Uprising and aggressive assaults from the Excelsior. In a somewhat anti-climactic ending, New York scattered their opponents and just let the timer tick away the last seconds, taking Ilios’ last point uncontested.
Junkertown was complete mayhem, with Heroes fighting everywhere and both teams trading kills. In the end Boston managed to push the payload to the end, forcing a tiebreaker map. In yet another change of pace, Uprising set up defences to prepare for the enemy, but as soon as the enemy attacked, they pressed a quick counter-attack, Genji sword drawn. They took the first point and keeping the momentum easily took the second one, securing the game, match and their leading position in Stage three. We’ve got a serious contender here.  

London Spitfire 3-0 Florida Mayhem

The Spitfire are one of the less consistent teams in the League when it comes to performance, but they are always in the lead and competing for the championship title nonetheless. They had a rough start of the Stage with two surprising defeats, but you might recall similar problems during Stage 1, which they ultimately won. They had to break the losing streak and Profit and Gesture got to work. Expecting this, Florida built strong defense and met the enemy. Gesture popped his Winston ult early and managed to knock Sayaplayer and Tviq, but this wasn’t nearly enough to win the point, ending in a 3-3 tie.
The close battle continued on map two, ending in a 4-3 hard-earned London victory. Boston’s defensive position was finally cracked on map three, when Spitfire adapted to their tactics and started countering it rather effectively. Birdring drew his pistols and started chipping away the enemy defense-line, while the escort is making its way to the end point, and eventually made it through. Dong-eun ‘Hooreg’ Lee got his time in the spotlight during the third map, putting his six-shot to a good use. Spitfire slowly but surely overpowered Florida, securing a vital victory.

Philadelphia Fusion 3-2 Houston Outlaws

Two mighty teams clashed to close the day off. They both have their eyes on the grand prize and have much to prove if they are to get there. We knew things are going to be intense when Fusion tied map one 2-2, then 3-3, just to drop it in the very end. But things were just getting started. Philly took map two, then Houston took map three, just to lose map four. It all boiled down in a fifth tiebreaker map to finally settle the long fighting.
Fragi picked Reinhardt and rushed in, closely supported by Boombox’s Moira and Neptuno’s Lucio. Just as Fusion scored 99% on point C, Jacob ‘Jake’ Lyon unleashed his Rip-tire and scored an impressive triple kill that got the crowd riled-up and roaring. In the overtime, the cowboys had to send somebody to contest the zone. Muma leapt in but was quickly shot down. So did Jake, but it wasn’t enough. Philly took the match and their quest for glory continues, with every game getting more difficult than the last.