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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 13 Apr 2018 289 views

Unlike last week, this one kicked off with two 0-4 results. However, match three more than made up for it in terms of tension and adrenaline.

Shanghai Dragons 0-4 Los Angeles Gladiators

It is now safer to say, that the analysers didn’t hit the mark with their forecasts when it comes to the Dragons. Diya and company have pressure on their shoulders enough to crush a lesser team. But they fight on and their style is visibly getting better every time. That’s not to downplay the Gladiators’ victory, who played with heart and conviction.    

San Francisco Shock 0-4 Los Angeles Valiant

The Shock are having a rough time this Stage. Last month they began to rise, especially with the inclusion of the new players, but the Valiant really gave it to them this time. With superior composition and confident enemy elimination, they overpowered San Francisco for the better part of the matchup with most points taken almost uncontested. Great use of ultimates by Fate’s Winston and Soon’s McCree.

Dallas Fuel 2-3 Seoul Dynasty

One-sided battle this was not! Dallas and Seoul threw quite a showdown to close the day, keeping fans on the edge of their seats at all times. Fleta showed the Blues he means business right from map one, when he flanked them and managed to score quite a bit of kills before falling to AKM’s Soldier 76. Fight was hard, but the Tigers did take Volskaya.
Dallas saw that should they overpower the Tigers, they need to get up close and personal. Oge’s Winston charged in, supported by Mercy and Tracer and they managed to stop the payload, securing the map.

Keeping their pace, they scored the first point on map three. Was it an easy run after this point? No, sir! Seoul wasn’t having that. Armed with Roadhog and Orisa, the Koreans went right in there and murdered the Fuel, and Miro made the fans laugh with an awkward failed attempt at hand-shake with his team-mates, somewhat breaking the pressure for a second. The Fuel knew they could not drop Map four and they armed themselves well for it. During the team fights they showed incredible shot-calling and really clicked as a team, managing to even the score for a map five.

The two teams kept surprising each other with their Hero picks, and the mind-games stepped back to make way for furious team-fights. The classic 99%-99% Overtime on Point C ended and Blizzard Arena flashed in a bright light, displaying the Tiger icon. Seoul Dynasty won, but this victory must have chipped away a small piece of their sanity.

Now teams and fans can get some sleep before we all dive in a blue sea of emotions with tonight’s game between the NYXL and the Boston Uprising.