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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 12 Apr 2018 276 views

Esports lifestyle brand Razer has announced its new game store that will operate across four countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

The new initiative is not a competitor to Steam, and it will use Valve’s product for distribution upon successful purchase. The Razer Game Store will allow users to pick from thousands of games and reward clients with every purchase they make. Games will come through Steam or as separate Uplay product keys, the Razer has said in a press release.       

Razer has already established itself as a provider of peripheral gaming gear for the best players in the world and is now expanding its product offering to cover more of the gaming market.

The store will allow customers to benefit from token vouchers, which they can use to buy keyboards, mice, headphones, and additional gaming equipment.

Razer will allow users to accumulate zSilver loyalty points, in light of a recent partnership with Esports Mogul, an electronic sports organisation pioneering its own fan-centred eSports platform.

Payments done with zGold will entitle customers to bigger prizes. According to the official announcement, the Razer Game Store ‘grants more value than […] any other digital store,’ because of the high value of the redeemable points.