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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 10 Apr 2018 298 views

OWL Stage 3 week 1 came and went in a flash. Time flies when you’re having fun. And a lot of fun was had by some of the teams, at the expense of others.

Day 2: 6 April

Florida Mayhem 0-4 New York Excelsior

In this epic clash of Winstons, tanks were the game-makers. However, NYXL managed to support their fore-runners better and wiped out Florida pretty much every team battle. Saebyeolbe danced around his targets a lot with his Tracer and this is what earned the Blues their flawless victory. Meko and Janus, as well as Johan ‘CWoosH’ Klingestedt.

Philadelphia Fusion 2-3 Boston Uprising

This was DreamKazper’s game. Last Stage’s finalists entered the fray to win, but Boston proved their name by blocking their rival’s advances every step of the way. The 2-2 tie was broken by DreamKazper’s Pharah. He took to the sky and stared firing off rockets with surgical precision, taking away key players from the Uprising. His teammates did the rest of the work and the match was finished with somewhat unexpected result.

London Spitfire 2-3 Houston Outlaws

This battle was close. After dropping the first map, the Outlaws took maps two and three, losing the fourth again. The score had to be settled on Osiris, and simply put, the Texans outplayed London. With beautiful stick bombs from Jiri ‘LiNkzr’ Masalin and excellent traded during crucial moments, the Spitfire were wiped out and Houston took their well-deserved victory to close the day.

Day 3: 7 April

Los Angeles Gladiators 3-1 Dallas Fuel

The Gladiators have big plans and they know that there’s only one way to achieve their goal. Fuel put hell of a fight, but the third map turned out to be their weakness. LA played it safe, with Hyung-seok ’Bischu’ Kim peaking over a corner to shoot rockets with his D.Va, chipping off large chunks of the enemies’ health. Once an opening was made, the Gladiators rushed in, running over Dallas. Once the match was decided, they had nothing to lose and Dallas took the opportunity to lash at them a bit, scoring a nice 0-4 final map, as not go home empty-handed.

Los Angeles Valiant 4-0 Shanghai Dragons

Shanghai are a new team. Without Undead and Diya, the carrying had to be taken by Ado and Daemin, and the support by Sky. Valiant played with focus and methodically dived against the enemy, picking them one by one. While all analysers predicted the rise of the Dragons in this matchup, Valiant showed they have no intention to become the first team to lose against the Dragons, and eventually took all four maps, and with very convincing scores, too.

Seoul Dynasty 4-0 San Francisco Shock

Shock continues with their inconsistent track record. After the lacklustre performance during last stage, the Tigers had no choice but to rush head first and take all the points they can. With the new Final rules, they are going to need them, too. Their dive comp was no match for San Francisco’s more utilitarian Hero choices and they ended up securing all four maps.

Florida Mayhem 1-3 Philadelphia Fusion

Speaking of a team needing every map they can win, Mayhem had to face Philly in an important matchup. We saw the hazards on Volskaya Industries used in creative ways to set Tracers flying. Fusion took the first three maps and lost the final one 3-2, showing that – at least for now – they are the superior team in a shade of yellow.

Day 4: 8 Apil

Houston Outlaws 0-4 Boston Uprising

This was an uprising! Houston proved that in that stage of the League, you can surprise nobody with a standard Dive composition. Rushing in, Winston swinging, they found Boston prepared and ready to take on them. Boston are now on a winning streak and show curious development, especially after their previous progress in the League.

New York Excelsior 4-0 London Spitfire

This was a good day to wear a blue jersey. The two Korean grands rekindled the old rivalry and went ahead to duke it out. Unlike their previous games though, this time there was no space for dramatic reverse sweeps. Though many fans expected NYXL’s advance to finally hit a wall, they steamrolled their opponents in a somewhat one-sided clash, securing four maps and keeping their formidable lead in the standings.