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By Stoyan Todorov Overwatch 10 Apr 2018 270 views

Esports team London Spitfire has appointed Susie ‘lilsusie’ Kim as the organisation’s new general manager.

Kim was excited about the opportunity to helm the London Spitfire and said she found the organisation well aligned with her own understanding of eSports. During a Q&A on Reddit, she spoke about the upcoming Spitfire London arena.

Kim pointed that upon completion, the facility will allow European and UK players to participate in competitive games that take place in their time zones. She also debated the possibility of having Spitfire team members meet fans. Grassroots involvement seems another thing to pique her interest.

She shed more light on possible pow-wows between fans and team members, cautioning that the ‘logistics of that’ would need some figuring out first. She did mention the possibility of a tour in two or three major cities across the United Kingdom.

Kim expressed her hopes that the organisation would soon introduce a web store for the UK and EU areas, providing fans with original Spitfire merchandise. Still, since Blizzard handles the official OWL, some delays might occur.

Spitfire will ‘very soon’ move into a gaming house decked out to cater to the team’s needs.