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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 05 Apr 2018 280 views

Stunlock Studios’ MOBA title Battlerite has released a teaser hinting at something called the Battlerite Pro League, which could be a prelude to an eSports future for the game. Little is known about the upcoming initiative other than it will debut in April and include weekly competitions.

Battlerite is a skill-intensive game as its genre may suggest but it diverts from the three-lane setup popular in established sword-and-sorcery titles. Instead, Battlerite pits players against each other and forces them to fight in a single lane.

What makes the game particularly appealing for an eSports future is its high entertainment value. Battlerite can be spectated in a virtual reality setting. However, the game has a moderate track record as a competitive title so far with minor competitions in Europe and North America, and the recurrent Arena Tournaments.