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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 05 Apr 2018 197 views

Licensed gambling company Esports Entertainment Group (EEG) has now announced its own eSports platform VIE. It will allow enthusiasts and spectators to commit money on the outcome of professional matches and tournaments in the eSports world.

VIE will focus on providing a safe environment where gambling may take place. The platform will rule out jurisdictions where gambling under any form is prohibited. VIE will offer an exchange-type of platform, offering to pit players against one another while the company itself will charge a minor fee on each transaction.

Specifically, the platform has been meticulously working for months on bringing an offer that is well-aligned with regulatory prerequisites.

According to EEG CEO Grant Johnson, the eSports community is quite prepared to have a reliable platform it can use to bet on the outcome of video games. Johnson cited NBA 2K as a good example of the industry’s maturity to have its own gambling portal.

EEG will work with affiliates to popularise its offer. So far, it has over 60 affiliate streamers, and the company will further incentivise them into action by offering generous rewards and prizes all throughout 2018. 

Meanwhile, VIE intends to expand on foreign markets and it will feature additional languages, such as Spanish and Russian.

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