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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 04 Apr 2018 399 views

Another OWL professional will get punished after questionable behaviour in a personal stream. This one it’s Philly who will get slapped.

Josh ‘Eqo’ Corona is an exceptional DPS player and the star of Philadelphia Fusion. He and his team rose to glory during Stage 2 with an excellent performance. With a near-perfect track record, they managed to beat London Spitfire in the semi-finals and almost steamrolled NYXL 3-0 before the dramatic reverse sweep that ultimately denied them the Stage championship title.

However, not all is well in the orange camp these days. After the Overwatch League was shaken by multiple accounts of inappropriate behaviour controversies, resulting in the punishments of Shanghai Dragons and Dallas Fuel members, the Fusion are next to get the axe from Blizzard.

An incident of Eqo doing the Slant-eye gesture on his personal stream came to the public attention. The derogatory gesture is viewed as extremely offensive to people of Asian descent, and especially the very many Korean players and fans of the Overwatch League.

At least two apologies were issued soon after the incident. One of them came from Eqo himself, who had this to say:

According to him, it’s a case of misunderstanding and taking things out of context. He did the gesture and said ‘I’m a Korean’ as a form of admiration, not disdain.

Another tweet came from Tucker Roberts, Fusion’s president:

It’s clear that both the player and his team view the act as inappropriate and are sorry for the situation.

Blizzard is yet to confirm what kind of punishment will be issued. Last time they had to resort to negative reinforcement when it comes to offensive player behaviour, they took into consideration the context of the incident and the apology (or lack thereof) issued after it.

Let’s hope that the negative attention won’t affect Philly too severely. While the situation is unpleasant, they remain one of the best teams in OWL and have huge plans for Stage 3.

Update: Right before the Dragons-Fuel game yesterday, Blizzard announced that Eqo will be fined $1,000.