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By Tasho Tashev Dota 2 04 Apr 2018 329 views

The day Pudge Arcana graced your life with its presence was the most important day of your life, but for Valve it was just Tuesday. It’s been too long since the vote for a new Arcana took place, nine months to be exact. I guess you can consider it Valve’s latest child. Back in August 2017, 57 million votes in total were submitted in the final showdown of Pudge versus Rubick, the former winning with a mere 8,711 votes difference, to put this into percentages it looked like 50.008% to 49.992%. That really brought back some memories from Brexit, so close, yet not enough.



So, was it worth the waiting? The two new hooks coming from the back, as already noted by users, give a close resemblance to a famous villain from the Spider-Man universe. The set includes some bloody visuals, fitting well with the theme of everyone’s beloved butcher. Add to that the recently recorded voice lines, some modified old ones, new base model textures, new animations, including a new taunt, alternate run when using a haste rune, custom dismember animation for different heroes, using the ability causes even more hooks to come out of the ground and tear at a foe’s flesh. Along with all of the above a flashy new feature is the Hook counter, which as you might have guessed, displays the current streak of hooks you managed to land without missing. There’s already a rampant discussion where people hate on this since it’s making their teammates play much safely and timidly. And as you know every hook you don’t take is a hook missed.



To add insult to all the Rubick fans out there, the set contains a second style fashioned in green after that of the Grand Magus. In order to unlock it, all you have to do is win 12 games against an enemy Rubick. So, after every Arcana release, expect to see more of that hero in your pubs. The only question is, are you willing to pay $35 to get a hat?