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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 04 Apr 2018 212 views

We now have more info about the upcoming lore-focused event. With some official teasers and leaks in the community, the puzzle is almost complete. 

We already reported about the release date 10 April for the next Overwatch lore event – the return of The Uprising. However, thanks to a new Developer Update video hosted by Jeff Kaplan and Tim Ford, we now know the official name of the event – Overwatch Archives.

Our speculation wasn’t wrong, though. ‘Archives’ is to be used as an umbrella term for this series of annual events, first being last year’s Uprising. While the name wasn’t used last year, it was foreshadowed in the form of little label on the thematic loot boxes that were available during the event.

Uprising is coming back for a second run. Just like last year, it will feature two modes – Story mode and All Heroes mode.

The story will give players the opportunity to replay Tracer’s first mission with Overwatch – her run on King’s row. In this mode, the only available Heroes are the ones appropriate for the story – Tracer herself, Torbjörn, Reinhardt and Mercy. They will be dressed in appropriate Overwatch regulation gear and look eight years younger than their current selves.

All Heroes will offer exactly what the name suggests. Players will be able to run through the streets of London as any of the 27, and even engage in omnic-versus-omnic combat should they chose to pick Zenyatta, for example. The devs promise that, unlike regular play, during the event players will be able to do amazing stunts all of the time – the AI will ‘play along and really make you feel like the hero’.

Even though we’re revisiting the Uprising events, this year’s name is most likely going to be Retribution, as both teased by Kaplan in the video, and confirmed in a leaked logo.

Speaking of leaks, a Chinese streamer revealed the localised logo of the event, dubbed Venice Operation. They also claim that there will be a brand-new map to play on, but this is not confirmed elsewhere.

What is officially confirmed is the location of Oslo, Norway. In a thematic article on the Overwatch website, we get a glimpse of an eight-year-old news article about an attack on an Overwatch base. This likely has to do with the secret black ops division Blackwatch.

Like every thematic event, Archives comes with its own set of cosmetic items. Kaplan hinted at one of them – a skin for ‘your favourite Shimada brother’, so either Genji or Hanzo.

More info will follow during the upcoming Overwatch League Broadcast. We’ll pay attention and keep you up to date.