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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 04 Apr 2018 229 views

Florida are an amazing team to watch. They are constantly improving their results, while simultaneously being one of the most entertaining gangs in OWL.

The happy Swedes started Stage 1 with an underwhelming performance but rose to glory in Stage 2. They are constantly improving, adapting to the metagame and show formidable skill on the field of battle.

But they are improving in one more aspect as well – their spectacular stage entrances. The team sure likes to have fun and please their fans before the start of every game. From the ‘come at me bro’, to the ‘Naruto run’, to ‘Gangnam style’ and the ‘Carrying the support’, every time this team sets foot on stage becomes an event of its own.

One might think that they come up with a silly idea moments before the cameras start rolling and then just act it out. But as their official YouTube channel shows, the entrances actually take a bit of planning.

The guys seem to discuss choreography down to the individual movements of everybody, as well as ‘team composition’ based on height and other factors, with the same conviction and focus as their in-game tactics.

Given the emotional highs and lows during the intense games, and the recent controversies that shook the Overwatch League, it is always amazing to take a look at a great team just having fun and reminding us why we love this game so much.