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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 03 Apr 2018 272 views

French Open organisers are joining hands with BNP Paribas to host their own brand of eSports competition. Not surprisingly, the name of Roland-Garros e-series by BNP Paribas epitomises this partnership.

The eSports tournament will pit players against each other in Tennis World Tour developed by Bigben Interactive. Instead of running a small-scale event, however, the organisers have decided to host competitions in several countries, including France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and even overseas in China, India, and Brazil.

The event will kick off in April and the games will conclude on 25 May, coinciding with the French Open. BNP Paribas is cooperating with the French Tennis Federation (FFT) and it will continue to support the event through 2021.

The Roland-Garros first foray into eSports is part of an overall shift towards eSports by mainstream organisations. Football teams have long fielded their own eSports teams and just recently, the US National Basketball Association announced it had planned an eSports league.

Still, Roland-Garros e-series may have made a strange choice by picking the demo version of Tennis World Tour of a video game that has a pending release. Nevertheless, having another major sports body throw its weight behind eSports is good enough news.

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