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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 02 Apr 2018 325 views

The Shanghai Dragons suddenly announced that they will be parting ways with lead DPS player Fang ‘Undead’ Chao. The reasons as to why are not yet disclosed.

The news came from the Dragons themselves in a tweet.

Of course, the lack of official reasoning provided opens the gate members of the community to put on their tin foil hats and start speculating. There have been rumours about serious problems with Chao in his personal life before the League. Whether these are based on reality or not is not for us to judge here. But Undead has been a great DPS and one of the best McCree players in the world. He once even claimed he is the best Carry in China and not many people will be willing to argue against that.

However, the Dragons’ morale is seriously shadowed by their long string of defeats and all eyes are set in the near future, when the new recruits will come from Korea, visas in hand and eyes on the prize.

Letting Undead go is surely a strategic decision, one probably taken by their new coach Kong. If the team wants to stop losing, then obviously major changes need to be made.

All this being said, this is a bittersweet end to Undead’s run with the Dragons, as he has proved his worth many times. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing from him soon, maybe in a different team, maybe in a different league. We wish him well.