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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 30 Mar 2018 393 views

We finally have information about the set of maps Stage 3 is about to commence in. Initial reaction seems to be rather negative.

Without an official announcement, Blizzard updated the schedule for week one of Stage 3 and thus made the maps public information. 

The list of the maps is as follows:

Assault: Volskaya Industries and Temple of Anubis

Anubis is a rather unique map since it has no hazards. The chokepoint before the control area is crucial place during team fights and early picks matter even more here than other maps. Volskaya was the stage for some of the most dramatic battles last month, so don’t expect disappointments from your favourite teams.

Hybrid: Blizzard World and Numbani

This seems to be the source of all fan anger. Blizzard World is a relatively new map and many people dislike it. Is this due to the layout and design of the map, or simply because many players are yet to get accustomed to it, is something that time will tell. This will be the first time pros run through it during a major tournament, though, so that’s something to look out for.

Control: Ilios and Nepal

Both of these maps were featured in the last Stage of the tournament and teams are well adjusted to them. The metagame changed significantly since the beginning of the League, but players should feel well at home here. We’ll continue to see flying Genjis everywhere, that’s for sure.

Escort: Junkertown and Route 66

Tie-Breaker map is not yet confirmed, but it’s widely speculated that it will be Oasis.