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By Tasho Tashev Dota 2 30 Mar 2018 564 views

According to recent statistics from, 12% of all played matches include cheating with the most common hack being the ‘zoomout’ or camera hack, a program that allows people to have a much better view of events. Other ‘tools’, even though much less popular seem to be the ‘automatic creep blocking’ used by 0.1% of all players and the ‘automatic items dropping’. The latter, seen with 0.035% of players, allows you to instantly drop items in certain situations, thus increasing the amount of mana or health you gain by using some form of regeneration (Soul Ring, Arcane boots, Magic wand etc). So far, the programs listed above give an advantage that usually comes intuitively the more time you put into the game. Unfortunately, instead of working for it, people choose the easy way and remain on the same skill level, not striving to improve. But that raises the question of what’s the percentage of more serious offences like map hacks and scripts? Perhaps once the anticheat is out of beta, it’ll have a wider spectrum of detection. has been touted recently as the go-to app for those who want to step up their game. Even though it’s still in open beta for Dota 2, it offers plenty of information and advice. You’ll be able to check your efficiency on the map, last hits, warding, prioritising of the right targets during teamfights and more. Currently, even though a bit shady, you can only get match analysis by adding the Gosu.AI Steam bot to your friend list. From then on, you’ll periodically receive updates on your performance, which you can check in more detail on the site. Gosu.AI are currently trying to collaborate with Valve to rid the eSports scene from unfair advantage. The service is free to use, so if you plan on going beyond casual play or just want to get better in general, give it a shot.