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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 30 Mar 2018 244 views

Cryptic message shows up in the launcher promising to declassify some new lore from Overwatch.

 The little video appeared in the pre-game window, as well as in a tweet.

It says ‘File 00382 – King’s Row Uprising
Entered into records 7 years ago
Security clearance: confidential
Declassified: April 10’
The screen flickers, and if you pause it at the right time, a different message appears – ‘confidential turns into ‘classified’. Obviously we can expect the information to appear April 10 and this will mark the return of last year’s event – the Uprising (not to be confused with the pro team Boston Uprising!).

The event will take us back to the history of Overwatch and Tracer’s first mission. Players will be able to engage in a co-op action gameplay during the month and win loot boxes containing over 100 new and exclusive cosmetic items. This continues the tradition of introducing new assets to the game for a limited time, after the Lunar New Year event earlier this year, and the ones before. These are always met with mixed reception from the community, as some players feel that locking skins behind a paywall is strong-arming them into spending. Others, of course, view these events as something extra they could get to bling their characters out.

Last year’s event also brought content outside of the game, in the form of a coming detailing Tracer’s story. We are hoping that Blizzard won’t fail to deliver something extra this year, as well. Even though the Overwatch lore has been expanding a lot for the past three years, fans are always hungry for more, and the endless sea of knowledge never seems to run dry.

Whatever the case, we’re hoping that the event will be fun to play and reward diehard fans for their dedication. It’s not that much to ask.