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By Nikola Petrov StarCraft II 30 Mar 2018 300 views

More community members will get the chance to cast big eSports. This time the tournaments in question are The WCS Challenger and Open Qualifiers.

This is the second time in recent history when Blizzard turns to the community to add some fresh voices to its roster after the ‘So you think you can cast: Hearthstone edition 2018’ contest. Here are the requirements in their entirety:
‘How to Apply

Send your application in an e-mail titled “Community Caster WCS” to Make sure to include the following information:
• Full name
• Skype handle
• E-mail address
• Broadcast language
• Broadcast platform (Twitch, etc.)
• Broadcast channel
• Summary of your casting experience

Whether you are interested in casting the Open Qualifiers, Challenger, or both

Other Details

Those selected to cast will be doing so from their own streaming channel

Everyone can apply in any language

Tournament streams must comply with Blizzard’s advertising and sponsorship policy

Open Qualifier Dates & Times

April 7-8: NA Qualifiers – 16:00 PDT until finish

April 9-10: EU Qualifiers – 17:00 CEST until finish

Challenger Season 1 Dates & Times

April 14-15: 7:00– 16:30 PDT (EU and NA combined broadcast)

April 21: 7:00– 16:30 PDT (EU and NA combined broadcast)

April 28: 7:00– 16:30 PDT (EU and NA combined broadcast)

May 12: 5:00– 15:00 PDT (EU finals)

May 13: 11:00– 21:00 PDT (NA finals)’

The casters who leave the best impressions will have the chance to be invited to call the plays during WCS Finals at BlizzCon this year.


Deadlines are 6 April for the Open Qualifiers and 12 April for Challenger Season 1.

Good luck!