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By Tasho Tashev Dota 2 29 Mar 2018 298 views

Chinese eSports broadcaster MarsTV has announced it will be banning several players from Rock.Y and ULrica for life, preventing them from participating in any event ever again. The players in question are ROCK.Y’s Ayo and Hitagi, as well as fan, Scorpio, and olos from ULrica.

The decision is prompted by ‘suspicions’ in a recent game between Rock.Y and ULrica. In the replay, some awkward situations happen and that raises a lot of questions, but none of them is whether MarsTV were right or not to issue the bans. It was obvious. Some of the heroes were simply dying for no apparent reason to the AI, blindly hitting a tower while taking damage, without using any skills or items. So, the DPL committee reviewed the video evidence and determined that they were intentionally playing ‘passive’, violating the competitive spirit and thus losing the game on purpose. Interestingly enough, the term ‘matchfixing’ was never used and maybe the materials aren’t enough to determine the true intent. According to the official source, both teams of Rock.Y and Ulrica receive a lifetime ban and the other five players who aren’t listed above will have their behaviour re-evaluated after two years, to decide if they’re eligible to participate again. Even though the committee has made its decision, a report has been submitted to Valve for further discussion. MarsTV can only limit the players from entering its own events, but the ultimate decision, if one is made, can only be taken by Valve.

It seems Rock.Y have fallen from being China’s last hope on the WESG, to be banned from participating in MDL in the span of less than a month. Was this the team’s final attempt to cash out before disbanding and what did they expect would happen?

The initial awareness over the events was spread by a video that actually came from the community and YouTuber ‘Put Tank In A Mall’. This had the desired effect and it all came to the current situation. If you check some of the materials yourself, you’ll notice that it doesn’t even look like an actual game, even though it’s part of a league meant for amateurs. Hopefully these bans will serve as a warning to everyone else. It feels like we’ve had a lack of ‘322’ memes lately, but the Chinese didn’t fail to deliver.