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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 29 Mar 2018 294 views

A new survey entitled ‘State of Online Gaming’ by Limelight Networks has revealed interesting facts about the state of video gaming and eSports. Video games are increasingly stealing viewers (aged 18-25) from their mainstream counterparts, with gamers around the world reporting that they spend 3 hours and 25 minutes every week spectating other people’s gaming exploits.

Video game developers may also find useful to know that Millennials are increasingly frustrated with having to wait for their content to download, while concerns about security continue to be a centrepiece for around 70% of all gamers in South Korea and France.

According to Limelight Networks Senior Director Michael Milligan, the sophistication of the offer across PCs, mobile devices, and gaming consoles now demands from developers to put forth engaging, optimised, and secure content.

The survey also noted the increasing aspirations among viewers, enthusiasts, and players to become professionals and their attitude towards gaming as a viable career choice. An estimated 32% of the eSports population would gladly quit their jobs to pursue a career in eSports. In the United Kingdom, this percentage is higher with 42% willing to go professional if the opportunity presents itself.

Because of video gaming, we are also shabbier, sleep-deprived and tend to bunk off from work. Limelight Networks’ research revealed that worldwide 62% of all gamers have avoided sleep, with 39% opting out of a meal, and 11% not showing up to work to play.

An estimated 17.5% of gamers aged 18-35 play over 12 hours a week. Meanwhile, mobile gaming is also on the rise and casual games are receiving more attention.