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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 29 Mar 2018 225 views

San Francisco Shock’s Iddqd has a stellar track record pre-OWL and a large online following. But why don’t we see him on the battlefield? 

André ‘Iddqd’ Dahlström is a Swedish Overwatch streamer and pro player, famous for his long-running and hugely popular stream with over 250,000 fans. He is also proven himself as a world-class DPS player and is viewed as a veteran – being one of the older players in the Overwatch League right now.

 However, since the beginning of the season, he is yet to play an official match for his team. He’s been sitting on the bench for a good while now, and not a week passes by without somebody asking the Shock where is Iddqd.

So what are the reasons for that?

Turns out nobody knows, really. But a bunch of contributing factors have to be taken into consideration.

Bad luck. Dahlström got sick upon his arrival to Los Angeles and had to skip the first weeks of the Overwatch League. In that time, the team found it’s footing with the other DPS players on the team and formed a solid composition, that hasn’t changed a lot since.
The slots are taken
. The Shock has no lack of damage-dealers. Star player Babybay is considered one of the best in the league, and new-comer Sinatraa needs to prove himself to the fans, and he’s been heavily included and relied upon during the last Stage. Truth is, these guys play the same roles as Iddqd and a team can't be composed of nothing but damage.
Strategy. By extension from the first point, the San Francisco coach is known for his reserved and conservative style, not liking to switch players mid-game. With Tracers and McCrees already on the field, a sudden change is not desired.

All this is fine and good, but Iddqd remains an excellent player and has arguably the biggest fan following among his team-mates, so he needs to return to the big stage. If he doesn’t, many people will be let down.