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By Stoyan Ovcharov PUBG 28 Mar 2018 507 views

Ready or not to be an eSport, PUBG is already offering thrilling moments featuring pro competitive players. An example of this was a recent match in which Jord ’Ibiza’ van Geldere, from Team Liquid, had to jump off a cliff to win the game.



A video of the spectacular match finale shows the circle closing in around the edge of a huge cliff, with some surviving players on top and others at the bottom of the massive rock. As the end of the game was drawing near, Ibiza moved fast, killed two opponents and managed to reach, with a teammate, the centre of the circle, just on the brink of the precipice.

With the circle now completely closed and all players relying on meds to outlast their opponents, there was still one player from another team standing halfway up the cliff. At that moment, Ibiza pulled off a masterful jump off the steep rock face and eliminated the last enemy in mid-air.

The ‘flying Dutchman’ then landed victorious while the bedazzled commentators were left shouting ‘How does Liquid win that?’ as his team took the game.

Watching casual PUBG games has always been exciting, yet the professional matches have struggled to offer a high level of excitement throughout the whole game, confining the interesting moments like Ibiza’s jump to the late phase of the game when the circle is tight enough to force players into life-or-death showdowns.