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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 28 Mar 2018 311 views

Electronic sports media company Esports Mogul is pushing ahead with Mogul Sports gaming platform, by extending its ongoing partnership with video games lifestyle brand Razer. The company cited a mounting interest in its offer with registrations soaring and two new features being added to Mogul Sports’ core.

Esports Mogul has added Esports Elite, allowing fans and subscribers to interact with events in a more meaningful way and participate directly with competitions organised by Mogul Sports.

Users may now place wagers on the outcome of competitions and matches by using the platform’s exchange currency zSilver, which has been added during the partnership with Razer. Dubbed as a ‘virtual loyalty credit system,’ zSilver is an attempt to monetise eSports’ growing popularity.

With zSilver spectators will be allowed to support the teams and players they root for. In turn, Razer zSilver may be exchanged for the brand’s products.  

Esports Mogul has opted for Razer as the company’s official hardware partner, meaning tournament winners can expect hardware treats coming their way. Esports Mogul will also strive to bridge the gap between professionals and aspiring players, and offer the novices an opportunity to shoot through the ranks and make a career in eSports.