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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 27 Mar 2018 270 views

Minseok ‘OGE’ Son became the third Dallas player to get the axe in just a month. He is suspended for the next four games in the League due to account sharing.

Dallas are not having a great time right now, as is displayed by both their League performance in the last week, as well as their interactions outside of Blizzard Arena.

Oge was punished to skip the next four games due to Boosting.

This is the practice where a high-skilled player would take the account of a regular person and win competitive games on their behalf, thus artificially boosting their ranking in-game. This is a practice specifically forbidden in both the Overwatch League rules and the Overwatch EULA, concerning not only pros, but all players of the game.

Account sharing is considered cheating and viewed as a dishonorable act since it goes against the natural match-making process and negatively impacts the experience of all the players involved in a game with a boosted account.

This is far from the first time OWL professionals have been caught doing this. Philadelphia Fusion’s Kim ‘Sado’ Su-min was suspended for a whopping 30 games due to the same offense, and Shanghai Dragons were involved in a scandal regarding boosting before the league even started.

Oge is the third Dallas player to receive a punishment, after tanks xQc and Taimou were both fined earlier, and as a direct result xQc lost his spot in the team.

There are rumours circulating the community, that more than half of the players in OWL have been involved in boosting at one point or another – a practice especially common in Korea, where it is used by pro players for making money on the side.

Whatever the case, it is sad to see so much negativity surrounding the otherwise stellar competition lately. Hopefully, the examples set by the Blizzard authorities should prevent other players from breaking the rules, so we can all focus on the important things – enjoying the games.