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By Nikola Petrov Overwatch 26 Mar 2018 302 views

Overwatch dev talks about the current tank meta and the changes they mean to implement in the PTR server later this week.

In a thread in the official Blizzard forum, developer Geoff Goodman (lead Hero designer) shared some insights regarding the state of the game and all characters, now that Brigitte is officially part of the roster.

A user by the name of Dysvalence asked a simple question:

‘From a balance perspective, which characters are you reluctant to touch until Brigitte is considered sufficiently balanced and integrated into the meta?’

In response, Goodman had this to say:

‘We’re always trying to get ahead of the meta and trying to predict what shifts are likely to take place. In this case, we’re seeing some potential for a big tank meta on the horizon, especially with Moira just recently being released and how good she is at healing multiple tanks.

We’ve actually had this sort of meta game in the past and overall it seemed often seemed more frustrating for players than even dive can be sometimes. So as a direct answer to your question i’d certainly be worried about buffing heroes like Roadhog, Zarya, and even Ana until we can get a better gauge on how the game is shifting.

In fact, we’re looking at buffing Reaper and Mei in an upcoming PTR patch (hopefully this week) since they could use a boost and they could help with this meta if it comes around.’

He definitely knows what he’s talking about and these are interesting points. We began to see the tank-heavy meta return both in casual play and on a top competitive level in the Overwatch League.

A day later, after much discussion, Geoff wrote this:
‘Cool thread. I always thought what would be cool is if Mei could freeze multiple people at once with her primary fire.

Oh wait a minute, I have the editor right here hmm…’

Mei already received some improvements with a previous patch, but apparently, this is not enough. Interesting, as Blizzard’s previous statement was that they find Mei balanced as she was beck then, but then continued to buff her twice. Overwatch’s meta has a huge impact on the game and constantly shifts, so nothing is ever set in stone.

We’ll see how things go, and if they will effect a long-running rumour about a Hanzo rework. We’ll keep you updated.