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What is

We are gamers, and we know what gamers want.

Thus, we created - the home of eSports. The website aims to become the biggest content community platform worldwide und lift eSports coverage to the next level, on par with sports tv coverage.

The site will offer coaching services from pro players, charity tournaments with celebrities, world class stats – and a crypto-based virtual currency ERT (eSports Reward Tokens) that can be used for all kinds of transactions on the site.

This high-quality experience, meaningful to gamers all over the world, will enable them to share, curate and enjoy great content together and even participate in or contribute to events. Our eSports community portal consists of 3 major areas:




All our users can participate in creating content for those areas by writing guides or producing videos. They can also get paid for this in our eSports Reward Tokens (ERT) – which we currently offer for presale through our contribution campaign. The actual public sale starts on November 1st 1pm CET. We already reached more than 2 million Euros in funding from the crowdsale. To find more info and in-depth interviews with the founders in English and German please visit our youtube channel: Youtube Channel


and we know what gamers want.

We are creating the biggest eSports portal in the world.

This high quality experience, meaningful to our gamer friends and fans, will enable them to create, curate, share and enjoy great content together, or even participate in and contribute to events.

All our users can participate in creating content for those areas by writing guides or producing videos. They can also get paid for this in our Reward Tokens (ERT) - which we will soon offer for presale through our Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

We offer anyone who shares our vision and believes in the eSports community to become a part of our cause today.

But we can’t do it without the financial contribution of the community.

For every contribution of content our members will be paid based on interaction. For example: ‘X’ amount of likes earns ‘X’ ERT. Views also earn ERT, and your followers can donate as much as they want.

And since we are creating such a big community, we also want to create options for our users to spend their money or ERT on our site.

There will be a shop for your favourite eSports team’s merchandise as well as hardware, chairs, coaching lessons, or betting on your favourite team. You decide which offers you want to participate in and which you don’t like. You can also cash out ERT to FIAT (i.e. traditional currency) through several exchanges or our site at the current value of ERT for that day and time. We are located in Malta, where there is a very progressive legislation available and a legal system that will most likely allow us to accept bets on our platform in cryptocurrency (ERT), in the near future. The Malta Gambling Authorities are discussing this option, which would allow you to bet on your favourite teams using cryptocurrencies.


It is important for you to understand a few facts about how we take care of our users:

  • We will prevent underage gambling on our site and are very much aware of the younger age group that comes with eSports. Those too young to gamble can still use the site and all the other options, but gambling will not be shown to them.
  • We will protect player funds and protect users who have a gambling problem.

All of this comes with the obligations and responsibilities attached to our gambling license.

With everything outlined above, we believe our platform will be a major success, and we are excited for you to help our cause. As such, 1% of our profits go into our overarching goal: the recognition of eSports as an official sport.

The Team

Benjamin Föckersperger -

Benjamin Föckersperger

Chief Esports Officer & Co-Founder (Head of Berlin Office and Esports University)

  • Studied Game Producing at Games Academy in Berlin. Co-founder of browsergames company SlipShift
  • Opened an online Casino in Malta which grew into
  • Responsible for building the content team for the eSports part as well as the community portal.



  • Worked for EURES in the greater region with focus on cross border labour markets
  • COO of a sportsbook for 2,5 years and 5 years as CEO
  • Responsible for leading the business part of



  • Head of operations for VIP and retention for 8 years
  • Responsible for founding European VIP and retention department
  • Responsible for the operating side of the company



  • MBA in Banking and Finance and a Master in Strategic Management
  • Own investment company with over 10 years of success in several business areas
  • Responsible for financial operations due to his 20 years of experience with European investment



  • PhD in Business Administration and Strategic Planning
  • 10 years experience in eSports and sports trading. Head of eSports for Pokerstars
  • Responsible for building an eSport trading team and the betting part



  • Close to 15 years of experience in the gaming and eSports scenes
  • Helped Kinguin to expand their CS:GO and eSports parts of the company
  • Responsible for site features and user experience on the community portal



  • Gaming and eSports journalist for 10 years. Worked for Red Bull, & Red Bull eSports, NBC Universal, and GQ. CEO of media agency GLP MEDIA.
  • Editor-in-Chief of the biggest gaming outlet in Switzerland from 2010 to 2016.
  • Responsible for building a kick-ass global editorial team with units in Sofia, Prague and Los Angeles.



  • Senior Advisor to WH Partners, practicing on Gaming, Blockchain, eSports, Corporate, IT, Telecoms and Intellectual Property Law
  • Secretary General of the Malta IT Law Association (MITLA) for over 3 years and is currently the Vice-President and Co-Founder of Bitmalta
  • Responsible for legal affairs at social icon

Esports Reward Token (ERT)

The Esports Reward Token (ERT) will be our “Miles and more” program. Anything on the portal can be bought with ERT. We may even be able to allow betting directly on the portal via ERT, depending on the legislative environment in Malta.

Since on we decentralize the creation of content, it was a natural decision to also decentralize ERT into a blockchain product. If we had a regular loyalty program, we could just change the terms and conditions and this would have a significant impact on the value as well as freedom of ERT holders assets. With taking the blockchain approach we allow ERT holders to decide what and when they want to do with their tokens without anyone being able to influence, not even

Utility One - The Economy

In general, we plan to tokenize our portal as much as possible, while remaining within legal boundaries.
Here’s what you’ll be able to do with the token right away:

  1. Buy Hardware/ games/ in-game content/ apparel in the shop
  2. Buy coaching lessons, learning videos, tutorials or 1on1 strategy advice in the eSports university from our coaches and community members
    This means you can also earn ERT by offering lessons or producing those videos yourself.
  3. Unlock exclusive content, such as a unique line in gamerswear, or access to subscriber-only videos.
    For early backers, we will add unique items that can be purchased for ERT. These items include t-shirts, cool perks within the platform, and icons for your user profile showing that you are one of the first members.
  4. Reward others for creating content and be rewarded.
    Very similar to Reddit gold, you can receive ERT from the community if they like what you do, and you can reward them for positive interaction as well.
  5. Unlock the premium subscription tiers.
    All our premium tiers will be ad-free. Some tiers give you different icons, colours or customization options in the chat. Others might unlock features that make our platform significantly easier to use, such as saving you time by batch processing your uploaded pictures.

In the tokenized economy we will offer our own products as well as our partners products for tokens and the ERT token will also be an accepted payment method on other partner websites.

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Utility Two - The Raffle

In regular time intervals we will hold a raffle, where each smallest unit of ERT (basically an ERT satoshi) acts as a
ticket to participate. All details of the raffle will be released at a later point in time. A jackpot will be created based on the company’s earnings during that time period, and the owner of the winning token will be awarded the full prize money - paid out in cryptocurrency.

In order to hold this raffle, we must adhere to a few policies:

  • This will require us to be licensed for a gambling license and we will acquire such a license to legally offer the raffle
  • Specific requirements for the lottery and distribution into jackpot are still being gathered. We will reveal more details once they emerge and can be communicated.

Advisory Board



Melissa is an investor/advisor in several companies in iGaming, Cryptocurrency, eSports and fantasy sports. Her prior experience in the iGaming sector includes senior executive roles with operators and banking advisory capacity. Prior to iGaming, Melissa was a partner at a $450m MediaTech fund. Melissa has a BA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Harvard University.



Eric has over 10 years of experience working in and around Financial Technology. He has delivered innovative SaaS systems for some of today’s biggest institutions around payments, identity, and banking infrastructure. Eric has been in the Blockchain space for the past few years and has been responsible for helping build some of today’s most exciting Blockchain businesses: GoCoin, Changetip, Uphold, Credits, Blockex,, - you name it... He is currently Managing Director for Cryptopay, which has been one of the longest running bitcoin exchanges, merchant processors, and pre-paid bitcoin card issuers.




Mate is an entrepreneur at heart. In 2012, he graduated from the International Business School in Budapest. After college, he helped launch Superior14 a food supplement company. Mate first heard about Bitcoin in late 2012 and began bitcoin mining in mid-2013 using custom-built ASIC miners. Later he founded the Bitcoin news and review website called Bitcoinist. In 2015 he joined as the 2nd employee and has been working on the project ever since as the COO. His ultimate goal and passion is to make cryptocurrencies as popular as possible. He loves traveling to conferences and meeting new people. Mate was also a former wakeboard world champion and he loves sports. In his free time, he likes to CrossFit and enjoys Brazilian Jujitsu.



A digital native from Berlin, he has been working several years in IT as a ScrumMaster & Business Analyst. He went all-in on Blockchain in March 2016, primarily since he believes it’s the tool to help us help our Selfs. Until recently he supported æternity with numerous tasks for almost a year, now he is consulting and facilitating blockchain projects & ideas. A self titled ‘IT-Alchemist’, he is visualizing and distilling ideas into use cases, mockups and pitch decks.



Heiko Hubertz is the CEO of Whow Games GmbH with its major brand Jackpot ( He is the founder of Bigpoint GmbH, a company ranked among the Top 5 developers and publishers of browser and online games on the planet. His acute entrepreneurial skills have also been placed on display in the past as Hubertz is the founder and CEO of both the AASP GmbH and the Coolspot AG.

Trained as a computer scientist, he is seen as a pioneer in the gaming industry and has, as the CEO of Bigpoint, effectively won over players, distribution partners, and international investors such as NBC-Universal/GMT for the company since 2002. In 2011, Hubertz sold 70% of the Bigpoint GmbH and became a member of the supervisory board.

His entrepreneurial acumen and flair for digital trends have not gone unnoticed on the awards front. For example, he won a prize presented by Red Herring TOP 100 Europe and is also recognized as one of the Top 10 most important Internet Managers in Germany.

He currently serves as a business angel in supporting promising start-ups and Internet projects such as Kreditech, Easybill, and Hitfox. The 37-year-old kicked off 2014 with the founding of the Whow Games GmbH, a social casino company for which he actively serves as the CEO. Heiko Hubertz has residencies in Hamburg, Germany and on the Spanish island of Majorca.



Esteban obtained his law decree in tax law at the University of Maastricht in 2010. He has a special focus on VAT aspects occurring within the digital economy (amongst which bitcoin, gaming and iGaming). Esteban first heard about bitcoin in 2012 and started researching about bitcoin, blockchain technology and other cryptocurrencies. He started writing several articles about VAT and bitcoin and is a regular speaker on tax and legal matters at bitcoin and blockchain related conferences. Furthermore, Esteban provides guidance and is involved with various tech (bitcoin/blockchain related) start-up companies, in relation to their VAT (taxation) matters and other legal implications. His ultimate goal is to get people aware of bitcoin and blockchain technology and to help as much as he can to get this industry grow. In his free time Esteban likes to travel and of course read about crypto.

Social Board