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ERT stands for ESports Reward Token and is the main
currency on our community platform. It is an ERC20
Token released on the ETH main net.

What can ert be used for?

means-of-payment Means of payment

Every T-Shirt you buy, every coaching lesson you book is done through ERT.

reward-system Reward system

When others value your content, we'll reward you for your contribution with ERT.

exclusive-offers Exclusive offers

Access special features, merchandise and content, only available through ERT.

reward-system ERT generating hardware

We will introduce a gaming computer that can mine Etherium (ETH). The intended coins can then be exchanged in Esports Reward Token (ERT). This can be done simultaneously while playing.

game-currency Game currency

We are currently working on integrating ERT as a payment method on partner websites and in games.

means-of-payment1 ERT investment opportunities

You’ll be able to invest ERT in eSports.com approved ICO projects.

Where can I get ERT?

ERT is tradeable on several exchanges and we will target new ones, while
always using the real token value at any particular moment.

The numbers


ERT 60,000,000

have been released, from which 24,000,000 (40%) were available for purchase during our ICO. The tokens that were not sold stayed with the company cold storage. The amount of ERT in this storage determines how many tokens can be awarded for creating quality content on the platform.

Display ERT balance

…in your wallet:

Add a custom ERC20 token with the following information:

  • Token address: 0xe29c5b523590165795bbd7d52369c2895b18841f
  • Symbol: ERT
  • Token decimals: 18

…in your account:

On your account page, click the “Link my 8crypt wallet” button. Sign up to 8crypt with the same email you used for your eSports.com registration and link it to your ETH address in 8crypt. Next time you log in to our website, your ERT balance should be displayed.