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SK Telecom T1 - a rise after the fall

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This season could not have started out worse for the ever so dominant and highlighted team SK Telecon T1. With a losing streak of five consecutive matches, fans, coaches and even team members were getting visibly nervous and somewhat concerned about the situation that the three-time World Champion was finding itself in. Even the undisputed star and mid-laner of the team, Sanghyeok “Faker” Lee, reported some mental issues after all these crushing defeats. “I had a hard team, I even lost weight”.

But one of the best teams in the world would not have that tag on themselves if they could not bounce back from a dire situation like this one. Which is why they could finally secure their first two consecutive wins within one week in the League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split in 2018 setting their record to 3-5. After beating their immediate rival for the playoff spots bbq Olivers in a nail-biting series 2-1, they went on to crush KSV – one of this year’s favourites in the LCK – 2-0 only four days after.

But what is it that makes the team looking as confident as they were during their golden times? Of course, there are several factors to name, but here is one outstanding change which happened during the last two games: Park “Blossom” Beom-chan. SKT’s new jungler who had only debuted earlier this week against bbq Olivers went on to show an immaculate series against KSV, almost securing the two games single-handedly. With aggressive play on Jarvan IV and Sejuani he was able to secure early kills for his team which they could eventually capitalize on.

All the teams will have a week from now on to go through their recent series with the LCK being on a break due to the Lunar New Year in South Korea. However, due to the latest results, fans can be excited to see what changes the next games will bring.