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Team Liquid defeats Cloud9, wins cs_summit 2

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Team Liquid won the cs_summit 2 tournament on Sunday by defeating Cloud9 3-2 in a best-of-five grand final. Liquid emerged victorious even as Cloud9 had a 0-1 automatic advantage for coming from the event’s upper bracket. Before the deciding match, Liquid had defeated defending champions SK Gaming 2-0 in a Bo3 consolidation final.

The match began on Train with an early 6-0 advantage for Liquid as Terrorists. A strong defence by Cloud9 followed, leading to a 8-7 score in favor of Lucas 'steel' Lopes’ side at halftime. Cloud9 took the lead at the start of the second half but soon Liquid was back, winning six out of the next seven rounds. After a round for round series which moved the match into overtime, Cloud9 emerged victorious with a 19-17 score.

The second game opened with a 5-0 lead for Cloud9 on Mirage, but Liquid were quick to regain control as the CT side and the first half ended 9-6 in their favor. Nick “nitr0” Cannella’s squad carried on with their winning streak as Terrorists in the second half, taking the first five rounds. Cloud9 won their first round as CTs after a quad-kill by Tarik “tarik” Celik on B. Liquid took the next two rounds and won the map 16-8.

After Liquid won the pistol round on Cache, Cloud9 pulled off a spectacular 13-round winning streak as the CT side before Liquid managed to take only the final round of the first half, which ended with a 2-13 score. Liquid started off the second half well, taking nine out of the 10 opening rounds, but Cloud9 stopped their comeback by taking two rounds, which was all they needed to end the map at 11-16.

The deciding game opened on Overpass with Liquid taking the first two rounds. The two teams traded rounds until the end of the first half when the result was 9-6 in favor of Liquid. The second half started with Cloud9 taking the first three rounds as on the CT side, but Liquid dominated seven of the next eight rounds and secured their victory with a 16-10 and the title of cs_summit 2 champions.