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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 03 May 2018 49 views

Former UNILAD Call of Duty star Matthew ‘Skrapz’ Marshall may finally have found a new home. Marshall is reportedly joining a new team.

Marshall has confirmed that his current fellow gamers, Red Reserve, will support any decision he makes regarding his future career. In a Tweet on Tuesday, he said he would announce his new squad’s name today.

In the lack of information at the time of publication, we offer our own take on the events. Marshall revealed that his new home is a US team in current CWL Pro League B division.

The current list of contenders includes OpTic Gaming, Luminosity, eUnited, Rise Nation, UNITED, comLexity, Mindfreak, and Tainted Minds.

However, this is little information to go as Marshall may have been vague about whether his organisation is based in the United States but fielding a European roster. Another possibility, some estimate, is that the regions restrictions have been exclusively lifted for him.

As of this moment, Marshall has not revealed the name of the team, which makes sense if it is really a US organisation and he is accounting for the time difference. We will update you with what happens next as soon as the information is made available.

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