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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 30 Apr 2018 130 views

Non-endemic company The Ledger Group has entered the eSports fray by investing $1.5 million in eSpots powerhouse Splyce.

The Ledger Group has previously forwarded funds to Askott Entertainment and Enthusiast Gaming Inc, an eSports media company. In addition, the company may seek to alter the core focus of its OverActive Media Group on professional video gaming exclusively.

To do so, OverActive Media will seek new investments in eSports franchises and any business that associates with this segment. Most importantly, the company will transform into an ownership platform to further expand its offer.

OverActive CEO Adam Adamou had this to say about the mulled changes: ‘Our core thesis and enthusiasm for blockchain continues, however after extensive due diligence on the esports industry we are optimistic that it represents a significant opportunity for our shareholders.’

He also elaborated on the company’s previous involvement with eSports companies: ‘Our initial investments in Enthusiast Gaming and Askott Entertainment, and now Splyce, firmly position us to capitalize on a portfolio of some of the industry's leading companies.  We are adjusting our focus to better provide Canadian investors broad ownership exposure to this exciting and growing opportunity.’

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