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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 26 Apr 2018 39 views

G2 Esports have come victorious over NRG Esports in the Rocket League Championship Series Season 5, successfully drawing closer LAN finals in June. The other contenders who made it through were Cloud9 who secured a win against Evil Genuises in the loser bracket.

Meanwhile, Rogue and Ghost Gaming were eliminated at the onset of the competition, losing significantly to their opponents. We take a look at the events that transpired in the NA leg of the RLCS.

Evil Genuises 4-2 Rogue

Evil Genuises managed to clinch a decisive victory from Rogue with 4-2 in their favour, despite close play throughout most of the matches. Rogue relied on Jacob, who has been known to come up with efficient individual stratagems that had worked in the past against lower-league teams.

Cloud9 drubs Ghost Gaming 4-1

Cloud9 took a definitive win over their opponents from Ghost Gaming, relying on an overly aggressive strategy that won them the match 4-1 in their favour.

NRG Esports sends Evil Genuises to loser’s bracket with 4-0

It was a textbook win that quickly relegated Evil Genuises to the loser’s bracket. NRG Esports took the liberty to demonstrate individual moves that seemed unsynchronised with the rest of their squad, but it was all worth it when the game finished 4-0 in their way.

G2 Esports defeats Cloud9 at 0

The last surprise in the matches leading up to the semi-finals was the decisive victory of G2 Esports over Cloud9 with four consecutive wins.

Evil Geniuses faces off Cloud9 during semi-finals

Cloud9 managed to revitalise its squad and managed three consecutive victories over Evil Geniuses who seemed discouraged to pursue the game. The tables quickly turned and EG managed 2 victories on their own, before succumbing in Game 6, for a final result of 2-4 going in the way of Cloud9.

The finals of the NA circuit were the most engaging viewership experience with NRG Esports and G2 Esports competing neck-and-neck. Despite the contested race, G2 Esports managed to outplay their opponents and secure first place and a reward of $20,500.

The rest of the $109,000 was divvied up between the rest of the contenders, with NRG Esports claiming $17,000 and Cloud9 and Evil Genuises winning $14,500 and $12,500 respectively.

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