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By Tasho Tashev Dota 2 25 Apr 2018 128 views

Going in played their last matches in the China Supermajor Europe Qualifier versus Kinguin, Mad Lads, TFT, Alliance and LeftOneTV. They didn’t reap much success there, taking last place, even with Alliance. What followed wasn’t much of a surprise as the team officially disbanded on 23 April 2018, but that fact wasn’t noted anywhere on the social media platforms.

All of their players left on the aforementioned date, so the logical conclusion is self-explanatory. It wasn’t too long ago when Aliwi ‘w33’ Omar was on the team but left in favour of Steve Excalibur’ Ye, with Omar himself joining the Brazilian paiN Gaming. The switch happened less than a month ago on 2 April, but it didn’t have the desired effect, as they couldn’t qualify for any tournament and in that case, it made no sense to hold onto the players. They’ll be better of fishing for a new team that’ll need a last-minute roster change. Excalibur for instance was a sub for OG for nearly half a year but is currently racing through different rosters. With the latter potentially looking for a new midlaner, we could see him making a return.

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