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By Stoyan Todorov PUBG 24 Apr 2018 155 views

Long overdue, PUBG's devs have finally decided to allow players to select the map they want to play on for the PC version. Presently, players are randomly placed in either Erangel, the game’s staple battle arena, or the dusty wastelands of Miramar.

With the change, PUBG will allow its players to choose which one they prefer. In addition, players will also be allowed to select the upcoming third map of the game, currently known as Codename: Savage, when it becomes available. No timeframe has been specified about the future update that will bring around the changes, though.

Savage has been in the test realm for a while now. Meanwhile, Bluehole has taken notice of the community’s stance on Miramar, which is ill-famed for turning people away and prompting them to leave.

With the addition of Savage, Bluehole may be hoping to introduce a more-competitive and engaging map, like Erangel, and perhaps work on a slight rehash of the dusty wasteland that has seen a fair lick of players walk out in mind-fray.

Cautious, Bluehole has said that the new map picker would not lead to any problems with the matchmaking system. Nevertheless, the developers will first apply the feature on the test servers to spot any pernicious effects it might have.

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