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By Stoyan Todorov eSports 23 Apr 2018 88 views

The Esports Arena Las Vegas (ESA), the hottest and latest eSports venue on The Strip, has signed up HyperX as its official partner. As part of the deal, HyperX will furnish an assortment of mandatory gaming gear.

The eSports venue is owned by Allied Esports, a company that has already set up gaming facilities across Europe and China, and intends to expand by adding more venues worldwide. The ESA has already played host to a number of low-key events, as well as a Fortnite tournament organised by Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, held yesterday on 21 April.

In the official press release, Allied Esports CMO Simon Temperley commented on the new partnership, by saying that ‘Our vision for Esports Arena Las Vegas was to create the ultimate interactive entertainment experience for casual and competitive gamers. Simon Providing HyperX peripherals to our customers and competitors will ensure we are offering an elite gaming experience that delivers superior performance to all in the arena.’

In a similar vein, HyperX strategic marketing manager Annie L. Gerard commented that the company will provide ‘a new premium and authentic gaming experience to Las Vegas,’ and that ‘gamers and competitors will be experiencing the best in class comfort, quality and competitive advantage with the award-winning HyperX gaming gear.’

HyperX has been one of the most notable eSports sponsors in the industry. With ongoing partnerships featuring some of the top eSports houses out there, including Cloud9 and Team Liquid, and Team SoloMid, ESA signals clearly that it intends to be a flagship venue for professional video gaming and recreational play in equal measures.

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