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By Stoyan Todorov League of Legends 18 Apr 2018 240 views

Esports organisation Team SoloMid and shaving product company Gillette announced a new marketing campaign on 13 April. As part of the new collaboration, Team SoloMid supporters will donate a percentage of what they purchase from Gillette to their favourite team.

Streaming platform Twitch will help with popularising the partnership by introducing featured Gillette banners to Tea SoloMid’s channels. Any purchase that has originated from a banner (facilitated by Amazon) will award 250 bits to the team.

Bits are Twitch-specific currency that helps viewers donate to streamers in FIAT money. Twitch has carried successful integration bids with titles such as the Overwatch League.

In an official tweet, TSM commented: Buy @gillette blades on our @Twitch channels, get free Bits to cheer us on. Watch our player's streams, click on the banner, and get in on it before it sells out. #BladesForBits

Previously, the Overwatch League Twitch integration was a success with $150,000 donated by fans during the first day of launch.

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